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  1. Ms. Nancy Yu (Graduated in 1960)

    Ms. Yu is a retired lawyer. She started a Writing Class in 2012 for our students. This class develops our students’ English writing skills.

  2. Mr. Wilfred Leung (Graduated in 1966)

    Mr. Leung donates scholarships to our students every year in order to encourage and motivate them in their studies.

  3. Mr. Kelvin Wong (Graduated in 1967)

    Mr. Wong works at Manulife (International) Limited as Senior Regional Director. He has been a Li Sing Tai Hang School Incorporated Management Committee Alumni Manager for many years. He donates scholarships to our students every year to reward students for their results and achievements.

  4. Mr. Leung Ho Sin (Graduated in 2004)

    Mr. Leung graduated at The Hong Kong Institution of Education. He was the MC for the 2012 Graduation Ceremony.

We welcome any of your contribution. For further queries, please contact Ms. Leung Ka Yi by e-mail to the school.