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2022-2023 School Tour

We will organize school tours in English for prospective parents to have a better understanding of our school background, environment, curriculum and activities.
Please check below the schedule of our school tours.

Please contact Ms. Leung Ka Yi at 2577-5188 or by email to make a reservation.

8-9-2023 Friday 9:35am -10:35am
18-9-2023 Monday 9:35am -10:35am
26-9-2023 Tuesday 9:35am -10:35am
5-10-2023 Thursday 9:35am -10:35am
7-11-2023 Tuesday 9:35am -10:35am
12-12-2023 Tuesday 9:35am -10:35am
8-1-2024 Monday 9:35am -10:35am

Admission of P.1 - P.6

Please fill in the Admission Form with the following documents:
  1. $20 Examination Fee
  2. A photocopy of Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of residence in Hong Kong/Copy of visa (only applicable to non-Hong Kong residents)
  4. A photocopy of the Identity Card of student
  5. A photocopy of the Identity Card of either parents or guardians
  6. A recent photo
  7. Address proof of parents or guardians
  8. A photocopy of the student handbook
  9. Copies of the student's last two academic report cards
E-mail: lising@lsths.edu.hk or fax: 2882 4510

Download the Application form