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Li Sing Tai Hang School is a government-aided primary school run by the Tai Hang Residents' Welfare Association. It is devoted to providing educational opportunities for the local community and grooming the young to achieve success. Inspired by the spirit of 'education for all', we acknowledge diversity in students' traits and abilities. We make sure that our teaching is geared to individual needs in the hope of helping students advance their self-image and develop their potential to the full.
Our school motto is anchored in 'Wisdom, Benevolence and Courage'. It is hoped that our educational provision is all-rounded, so that we nurture among students a self-learning ability, enhance their interest in knowledge pursuit and thus enable them to be adequately equipped for the fast-changing society. Furthermore, we would like to exemplify the spirit of benevolence by leading them to care for others, to strive for personal growth and as a result, improve the society. Lastly, we wish to help our students develop a positive attitude towards life in such a way that they can face difficulties and frustrations with courage in their move towards a bright future.
Tai Hang Residents' Welfare Association
Name Category
Lee Hon Man Nicholas, the ChairmanSponsoring Body
Lam Chuen TimSponsoring Body
Tsoi Fung Ying IreneSponsoring Body
Cheung Kwok Ho AlmonSponsoring Body
Sung Man Suk ObanceSponsoring Body
Yuen How KuenSponsoring Body
Arokiasamy, LourdusamyParent
Wong Kam FaiAlumni
Lam Sek KongIndependent
Yip Siu LaiPrincipal
Fong Yuk ChingTeacher
Ma Miu WanAlternate Teacher
Kaur HerdipAlternate Parent
Li Sing Tai Hang School is an aided primary school, founded by the Tai Hang Residents’ Welfare Association in 1958 to provide educational opportunities for local children. Inspired by the spirit of education for all, the school turned into an English-medium primary school in 2003, providing quality education for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students from different countries.

Growing up is never easy but it can be a joyful experience. Even though we face challenges and obstacles, it is a pleasure to see the growth of our school, teachers and students.

Education is joyful as it brings us hope and creates possibilities for our future. As long as we are willing to work hard, there is always a strong chance of success.

However, preparing the road for our students’ future is never easy. As educators, we can teach students to create, and cultivate their own garden of success.

As we know, growing up can give us pain and heartbreak. But, students, we must learn that when you have obstacles in your path, never give up! Remember that there is always hope and that growing up and becoming a complete adult is a joyful experience.

Principal of Li Sing Tai Hang School
Ms. Yip Siu Lai, Shirly

School days per cycle 6
Lessons per day 6
Time per lesson 60 minutes
School hour 8:20 A.M - 3:45 P.M.
Lunch hour 12:50 - 1:20 P.M.
SubjectPeriod per week
Chinese (P.1-2) / (P.3-6)8/9
Integrated Activities4
English Guided Reading (P.1-2)1
Thinking Skills (P.3-6)1
General Studies4
Homeroom Period (P.1-3) / (P. 4-5)2/1
Personal Growth1
Visual Arts (P.1-3) / (P. 4-5)1/2
P.E. (P.1-2) / (P.3-6)2/1
Standard Classroom12
Music Room1
Multi-Purpose Room1
Conference Room1

Green School
Summer Uniform

Winter Uniform

Summer Uniform (P.E.)

Winter Uniform (P.E.)

School Jacket & Cardigan

Hair accessories (Black,white,grey and red)
  • Wilfred Leung Scholarship
    • Language Award
    • Mathematics Award
    • Great Progress Award
  • Kelvin Wong Scholarship
    • Kelvin Wong Academic Award
    • Kelvin Wong Great Talent Award
  • Obance Sung Scholarship